Omid Memarian

In September 2004, Kayhan newspaper warned against a sabotage network of bloggers, journalists and reformist officials. Omid Memarian, a blogger and human rights activist, was immediately arrested and subjected to physical and psychological torture:

"Once my torturer didn't like my answer to a question.  He called me a piece of shit and an adulterer. He said t he'd destroy me and never let me out of prison He was r totally out of control. He started beating me on the head He wanted to show me how angry he was.  He grabbed my hair and started hitting me against the wall, again and again."

Omid’s interrogator once accused him of having illicit sexual affairs, and then forced him to describe the details of those imaginary encounters.

"He wanted to know every detail. He said, “Tell me everything: from the moment you unbuttoned her shirt until the time you started fondling her breasts and started to watch porno movies with her.” I don’t know where he got his ideas from.  He had a mental image  and he illustrated it vividly..."