Leily Pourzand.png

Siamak Pourzand's daughter, Leily, remembers growing up in the shadow of fear:

"I had a very dark and scary childhood. . And it was the same during my teenage years. Immediately after the Revolution, it was  really frightening to be a prisoner. It was also dangerous to tell even my friends and teachers that my father was in prison. So, I learned to lie. I had to tell people that my father was either travelling or that he had gone to the hospital for an unspecified period of time."

A successful women's rights activist, Leily reveals the devastating effects of her father's imprisonment and harassment on her family:

"It was the first time  I experienced a nervous breakdown. After seeing that photo, I was shivering for 24 hours. I was in pain. My whole body, my whole nervous system was in pain. My family and I were all experiencing great painI don’t think that pain has really left any of us yet."