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Faraj Sarkoohi is an author and former editor of one of the most popular literary journals in Iran. 

In 1995 intelligence agents tried to kill Faraj and twenty other Iranian authors. Their plan failed, but they kidnapped Faraj a year later.

"Your captor is a system, is a regime. He is not only an interrogator. You are not being questioned only by one person. Your interrogator is the entirety of the Islamic Republic regime with all the oil money and the Revolutionary Guards as well as popular support. So you are much smaller than your interrogator. He has your life in his hand. He can inflict pain or soothe you. And he knows everything about you. And you can’t even see his face."

Following Faraj’s disappearance, the Iranian government denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. Released briefly, he was re-arrested and sent a letter to his wife exposing the regime's torture rooms:

"I am hopeful that someone will read this after my arrest or death. It must be published so that there will be a document, a testament to the pain and the suffering that I have experienced."